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DATA The Customer Journey

Accountable Marketing. Predictable Results.

When done correctly, your marketing efforts are accountable to your desired outcomes and deliver predictable results.

Significant growth materializes when creativity, analytics, and accountability converge.

At Trepoint, our artisanal marketing methods are deeply rooted in meaningful data, giving us a solid foundation to design focused campaigns that attract and retain your ideal customers. We apply our strategy, creative and technology to each phase of your customer’s journey so that we influence the behavior and desired outcomes you seek. Do not leave your marketing to chance. Engage Trepoint and make your marketing accountable, predictable and world-class.





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Trends, Insights & Your Perspective

Everyone Needs a Chief Experience Officer

I had a bad experience last week with a hotel chain that shall remain unnamed.

In a nutshell, I called to make a reservation. Everything went smoothly. However, the agent suggested I hold the line for a moment. I did so, assuming I was getting passed to a customer satisfaction survey.

Instead, I was passed to a representative from their ‘loyalty club’ who began the hard-sell around why I should join their time share club.

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From Big Data to Big Insights

A report from Experian focuses on how experts are managing and utilizing data to produce actionable insights and create a competitive advantage.

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