Influencer Marketing.

Consumers still want to hear your story… just not from you.

Audiences are tired of having brand and product messaging shouted at them. And even if they do choose to listen, they don’t trust what is being said. This means the tactics of traditional advertising often fail to efficiently impact consumer behavior.

In the digital space alone, Google estimates that the combination of adblocking, bot fraud and ad blindness has led advertisers to waste approximately $30 billion dollars in digital ad spend in 2015. Filling a vacuum created by this broken system, influencer marketing is picking up momentum as an effective alternative to traditional digital ad spend.

Consider the following ways Trepoint-designed influencer campaigns can benefit your business:

Influencer marketing leverages the established trust and credibility of content creators within their niche community of followers. These influencers can provide your brand an enriched endorsement through the authentic messages they personally design and deliver. This independent advocacy from trusted sources simply has a greater ability to get your message through to the end consumer.

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